Our Vision

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  • To build the sustainable and resilient financial ecosystem using disruptive technologies.
  • To develop trigger based customized dynamic financial products.
  • To develop AI driven parametric Insurance products
  • To develop climate smart fintech solutions.
  • To develop a seamless distribution mechanism for delivering the financial products.
  • Our Products

    Crop Insurance Products

    Weather Based - Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Heat Based, Yield Based, Index Based, Phenology Base

    Disaster Risk Insurance Productss

    Event Based : Natural Hazard, Ecological Hazard,Biological Hazard.

    Trigger Based :Meteorological - Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Heat Based.

    Livestock Insurance Products.

    Health Based,Yield Base

    Our Solutions

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    Platform for Developing Context Specific Financial Products.

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    Delivering Parametric Based Insurance Products.

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    Risk Management.

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    Claims Settlements.

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    Grievance Redressal.

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    Timely & Hassle-Free Pay Out Mechanisms.